New evidence for a vitamin D-autism link

Association does not equal causation. It’s always a good idea to remember that handy phrase when reading screamy nutrition-related headlines.  Such as the one today: Autism Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy If you get your nutrition information from headlines, you’d easily conclude that taking vitamin D while pregnant will prevent autism.  And possibly that giving […]

Folate and autism risk

The phrase “autism risk” is certain to grab the attention of pregnant women and new parents.  We always assume this type of risk is linked to bad-sounding things like chemicals, bad diet or substance abuse.  But what happens when something healthy turns out to carry risk?  That’s the case with a new study that found a […]

Nutritional supplements are not drugs

Six months ago, a group of MDs wrote that we all should “Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements”.  Their point: for ‘well nourished’ adults, there’s ‘no clear benefit’ to taking supplements.  The problem with this conclusion is ‘well nourished adults’.  Consumers talk a good talk about eating nothing but 100% healthy food, but somehow […]

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