What’s a modern apple?

“Is that a modern apple?” A friend was eating an apple at a recent get-together, and since it’s now September, I wondered if her apple was, well, current.  In season.  In other words, not a mushy storage apple.  Modern wasn’t the best choice for “in season”, although another person claimed she knew exactly what I […]

An apple a day keeps obesity away?

Make that “a Granny Smith a day”? Gut bacteria are under the microscope, so to speak, when it comes to obesity.  We know that: obese people have very different gut bacteria populations compared to lean people when obese people lose weight, their gut bacteria population changes to be more like those of lean people certain […]

A local apple a day, in season

Is apple pie in your immediate future?  Autumn is apple season, and if ever there was a fruit to eat in season from local sources, it’s the apple.  I was really happy to read that sales of the tasteless “Delicious” apple are half of 1995 levels.  Consumer revolt? Nutritionally speaking apples have a major health halo, […]

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