Cooking Planit: The Kitchen Solution?

Everybody eats, but unfortunately planning and cooking meals has never been easy. In a fast-paced world with fast-food restaurants offering instant-gratification meals that seem a lot more realistic than a home-cooked meal, the Cooking Planit computer and complementary phone app aims to help get people back in the kitchen. The app assists the novice-to-advanced cook […]

Myfitnesspal: app review

Myfitnesspal is a free weight loss app that utilizes a food and exercise diary for calorie tracking. When you sign up for the app, you are prompted to provide information about yourself including height and weight, activity level, and personal goals. Goals can range from weight loss and fitness goals to specific nutrient goals such […]

HealthWatch 360 app review

GB HealthWatch created the HealthWatch 360 app. GB HealthWatch states: “Our mission is to help prevent common chronic diseases through targeted, gene-based nutritional and dietary intervention. We aim to inform people about the scientific basis of chronic diseases, support them with nutrition management products and services and empower them to take control and live better […]

Fooducate – app review

  Fooducate was started as a website by Hemi Weingarten, a California father of three, who was having trouble making healthy choices at the grocery store:  “So many products, so many health claims, nutrients, ingredients, and so many promises by manufacturers….  I found it very difficult to make rational, and informed decisions for a task […]

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