Sugar causes dementia?

No wait, artificial sweeteners cause dementia. No, wait… None of the above?  That’s the my conclusion after looking at the two recent studies that generated headlines like “Is Soda Bad For Your Brain?“.  Both studies came from the same research group looking at the same diet intake data collected as part of the ongoing Framingham […]

Resveratrol: potential impact on Alzheimer’s

As the population ages, research into Alzheimer’s disease treatment and prevention has increased. A recent study examined the potential impact of resveratrol, a naturally occurring plant compound, on people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. What is it? Resveratrol is a phenolic, antioxidant compound found naturally in foods such as red wine, grapes, peanuts, seeds, […]

Vitamin news: B12 and E

Two vitamins made the news in the past month, but thanks to the holidays, the stories didn’t get much attention.  Let’s remedy that. Vitamin B12 Thanks to the obesity epidemic and poor diets, lots of people are taking medications for gastro-esophageal reflux disease, or GERD.  The basic problem is stomach contents, including acid, backing up […]

Going coconuts

There’s been so much hype about coconut products lately, you’d think coconuts were the missing link to perfect health.  They’re not.  But it’s time to address the hype: Coconut water: Did some enterprising coconut grower with a talent for marketing spin suddenly see dollar signs in the watery insides of coconuts?  What used to be […]

Brain nutrition in the news

While obesity may be causing health havoc worldwide, is scarcely strikes fear in the heart of the average person the way dementia does.  Cognitive decline with age is now a big research field, with an aging population.  Loss of cognitive ability is a scary prospect, not to mention an expensive one.  A study reported last […]

Your brain on fish oil — good thing?

Study results publicized last week suggest that fish oil supplements have a positive affect on mental cognition and brain size in older people.  While I think it’s exciting stuff, there are a few qualifications that need to be considered before we all jump to the conclusion that any old fish oil supplement will prevent Alzheimer’s […]

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