Product review: almond milk

Soy milk is so last year.  According to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek, almond milk accounts for 55% of alternative milk sales.  Soy milk is fading; sales of soy milk are predicted to fall over 10% this year alone. Soy milk was at least close to cow’s milk in nutrition.  What about almond milk?  It’s […]

Will sports drinks make you athletic or obese?

The important role of nutrition in supporting sports performance is in the spotlight, thanks to the 2012 Olympics.  People watching Olympics competitions will be bombarded with messages about beverages and foods that supposedly enhance performance and boost fitness.  Unfortunately, for most people, all these specialized products aren’t particularly helpful, and in some cases are not […]

More on fructose

UPDATE: April 23, 2019 new podcast on this topic The word “fructose” sends some self-appointed nutritionistas into a frenzy.  They read something on the internet, and they’re convinced fructose is poison, even though they understand little about human metabolism.  It’s a great justification for high protein/high meat diets, without any of that annoying healthy fruit. […]

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