Research Nonsense .. Again

Today’s Headline Follies: “Fruit juice increases your risk of early death!” Nowadays, my first thought when reading these headlines is “who funds this junk research?” And what were the preconceived prejudices of the researchers? I know why we have the headlines: click bait. Sure sounds alarming — fruit juice causes early death! Like, at age […]

Is the sugar industry lying to us? Play in new window | Download (Duration: 5:55 — 2.7MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS(NOTE: podcast by Donna P Feldman MS RDN) This has been a bad year for the sugar industry. Last September, the New York Times released an article blaming the the Sugar Association for paying off researchers in the 1960’s […]

Someone sure likes coffee creamer

Adventures in food absurdity We were about to head for the grocery check out, when I realized I’d forgotten tofu.  We walked over to the tofu display of our enormous major grocery store located in what is probably the most health-obsessed county in the USA.  My better half, who doesn’t do much grocery shopping, marveled […]

Sugar hysteria week

Whew, it’s been a rough week for sugar. Over the past few days, a digital tidal wave of sugar-phobic news swept through the internet.  Here are just a few of the key pieces: WHO says the world is eating too much sugar. Everyone advised to “slash” sugar intake to just 6-12 teaspoons per day.  Why? […]

Special K® hijacks health halo

Special K® cereal may be the original diet food.  It was created by the Kellogg Company in the 1950’s, and is described as “the first high-protein breakfast cereal ever offered to consumers.”  At the time, 6 grams of (plant) protein per bowl of cereal probably sounded impressive, but Special K® was marketed as a diet food.  Interestingly, […]

Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast dilemmas: Consumer surveys claim few people skip breakfast Mornings are rushed. Many people eat breakfast while commuting or at their desks. What to do? Find a breakfast that is portable and not messy, while also tasting good. One Solution? Breakfast on the Go. Well, that’s what Diamond Foods would like you to think.  Breakfast […]

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