Spooky candy facts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re familiar with the current anti-sugar hysteria, which has spiraled so over the top that people use it as an excuse to avoid eating fruit (they probably didn’t want to eat it anyway).  We’re told that sugar is the cause of all our ills, poisonous, toxic and deadly. […]

Cutting back on added sugars

Nutrition professionals’ tips for reducing added sugars. March is National Nutrition Month®, and every year I like to ask colleagues and interns to contribute their ideas about a current hot topic.  This year’s topic is “Cutting Back on Added Sugars“.  First, let’s define “added sugars”, because thanks to current labeling regulations, there’s a lot of […]

Sugar causes dementia?

No wait, artificial sweeteners cause dementia. No, wait… None of the above?  That’s the my conclusion after looking at the two recent studies that generated headlines like “Is Soda Bad For Your Brain?“.  Both studies came from the same research group looking at the same diet intake data collected as part of the ongoing Framingham […]

Major shocker: Starbucks drinks contain sugar

What would we do without the Food Nannies? Some people will do anything for attention.  A group calling itself “Action on Sugar” has just released the shocking news that Starbucks coffee drinks contain (gasp!) sugar.  Apparently customers are too dumb to realize that sweet tastes come from sugar, so we needed Action on Sugar to […]

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