Previous Interns

Here’s a list of all the dietetic interns who have contributed to Radio Nutrition as part of their community nutrition requirement.  Those who have taken and passed the RDN qualifying exam after graduating from the internship are listed with their credential.  The list is in alphabetical order based on last name:

Erin Alewine

Emily Bash RDN

Stacey Bennett RDN

Elise Boretz RDN

Sarah Burkett RDN

Craig Cobb

Keighly Colangelo

Sarah Daurio RDN

Marissa Donovan MS RDN

Sarah Edstrom RDN

Caitlin Jacobsen

Joanna Johnson RDN

Julie Klausing

Adele Lee RDN

Jeng Liu RDN

Toni Lopez RDN

Greta Macey RDN

Jamie Moon RDN

Lauren Muckley RDN

Hannah Ostigaard RDN

Lauren Oswald RDN

Jonathan Padia RDN

Katie Painter MS RDN

Brooke Piraino RDN

Sara Scheler RDN

Abby Seeb RDN

Luke Shealy

Brooke Tresch RDN

Jessie Wrye RDN

Danielle Zold





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