Luke Shealy, dietetic intern

Originally, I am from a small, rural town in South Carolina called Hampton, but since graduating high school, I have lived in Montana.

I graduated with my first bachelor’s degree in 2007 from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT. My first degree was a B.A. in Literary Studies, during which I spent a year at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. After graduation, I worked in social work for two-and-a-half years before getting married and spending two years in the U.S. Peace Corps. My wife and I served in a West African country called The Gambia. After our service, we relocated back to Montana and lived in Helena where I continued in social work before relocating to Bozeman, MT to pursue a degree in nutrition. I’ll be graduating from Montana State University’s DPND program on May 6, 2017.

Much of my professional life, in the Peace Corps and as a social worker, has been spent working in public health. As I have studied nutrition over the past three years, I have been more and more drawn to the community nutrition and public health side of dietetics. Reading the Blue Zone Solutions by Dan Buettner two years ago solidified by desire to improve the quality of life for everyone I serve. Colorado’s TCHD Dietetic Internship is the best possible pathway for me as it emphasizes my passion for public health while allowing me and my wife to remain in the most beautiful part of our country. I am so excited to be involved in Colorado’s approach to health and wellness while further exploring the field of dietetics!

My other passions outside of nutrition include traveling, films, hiking, swimming, my cat (Mr. Buttons), reading, as well as coffee and discussions. I’m also a huge advocate for lazy Sundays.

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