Food Wisdom for Women

“Aging” was too often associated with negative images:

  • old
  • senior
  • gray
  • elderly
  • forgetful
  • frail

Attitudes are changing. In the 21st century, aging is more about being active, feisty, engaged and healthy.  We want more than a life of disease avoidance and physical decline.  Many of us were part of the cultural revolution that started in the 1960’s.   Now, in our 60’s — or 50’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s — we’re part of a new cultural revolution: the revolution of active and healthy aging.

Food Wisdom for Women” is about maximizing your ‘health span’, defined as years spent with high quality of life while aging. You’ll find nutrition information on topics of concern to us all, such as eye health, bone strength, supplements, digestive health and brain function. The revised edition includes a new chapter on immune nutrition, so important for maintaining health in the post-pandemic world.

As a nutrition professional, I know where to find that kind of information, how to translate research results into food and nutrition choices.  I apply the food and nutrition information in this book to my own diet choices every day. I wrote “Food Wisdom for Women” to gather that knowledge into one place, so other women can benefit from it, too.

You can buy the revised edition of “Food Wisdom for Women” on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.  Also available on Apple iBooks.

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