Food Wisdom for Women

“Aging” usually bring to mind words with negative connotations:

  • old
  • senior
  • gray
  • elderly
  • forgetful
  • frail

Traditional nutrition and diet advice isn’t much better.  Much of it is about coping with chronic diseases: “don’t eat this, avoid that, cut back on that.”  But is that really what aging is about?

Today’s generation of older women is very large and growing.  Words like “active”, “feisty” and “engaged” better describe who we are.  We aren’t interested in negative labels and lowered expectations for aging.  We want more than a life of disease avoidance and physical decline.  Many of us were part of the cultural revolution that started in the 1960’s.   Now, in our 60’s — or 50’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s — we’re part of a new cultural revolution: the revolution of active and healthy aging.

If your vision of aging includes an active and rewarding life infused with as much vitality, energy and health as possible, “Food Wisdom for Women” is for you. You’ll find nutrition information on a diverse set of topics of concern to us all, such as eye health, bone strength, supplements, digestive health and brain function. I apply this information to my own food choices every day.  As a nutrition professional, I know where to find that kind of information, how to interpret research results and how to turn useful information into food and nutrition choices.  I wrote “Food Wisdom for Women” to gather that knowledge into one place, so other women can benefit from it, too.

You can buy “Food Wisdom for Women” on Amazon, and in paperback and Kindle formats.  Find articles about food, nutrition and health topics of interest to women at the FoodWisdomForWomen website or the FWFW Facebook page.

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