Erin Alewine, dietetic intern

I am Erin. I was born, grew up, and my heart and family remain in Missouri. My journey toward Tri-County began at the University of Central Missouri where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and ran collegiate track and field. Following graduation in May of 2014, I found myself yearning for a change of scenery and adventure. Thus, I accepted a position at the University of Alaska Anchorage coaching cross country and track and field. During this time, I began a master’s degree in public health. Delving into public health helped me to fully appreciate my passion for community, people, and the diversity and intricacies involved in making each of us beautiful individuals. Food, nutrition, and public health are the foundation of my work as a Dietetic Intern, but people and sharing in community remain the driving factors. It is my personal belief each one of us deserves to nourish our bodies with good food and care take our souls with laughter and smiles. It is my goal to create wellness and community with you through sharing my spin on holistic health and healing through the food we eat and the company we keep.


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