Craig Cobb, dietetic intern

Craig Cobb is from Memphis, Tennessee but moved to the Ozarks to attend the University of Arkansas. She graduated in 2017 with studies in Human Nutrition, Spanish, and International Development. During her time in school, she conducted research in Rural Mozambique, studied in Costa Rica for a semester, and worked on a food farm in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador. She’s always been drawn to diversity and particularly loves the Latin-American culture. She’s done a lot of work with teen moms and foster kids, and considers this her truest passion. She is currently a Dietetic Intern with Tri-County Health Department. As a dietetics professional, she wants to bridge the gap that hinders those who don’t have access to healthy food or health care. She is looking forward to working with WIC and has a heart for community gardens in areas of high food insecurity. She wants to learn the logistics and better determine how to successfully implement health programs and initiatives so they actually benefit those who need it the most. She loves the outdoors and is ecstatic to be living in Colorado. In her free time, she can be found hiking, reading, writing, running, practicing yoga, or just exploring outside. She enjoys meaningful conversations and getting to know different points of view.

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