Toni Lopez

Toni Lopez RDN is a graduate of the Tri County Health Dept dietetic internship program

How to drink smarter: juice, fruit and water

Are fruit drinks contributing to the obesity and related chronic disease epidemics? Because there are so many variations to compare, it is difficult to lump all fruit drinks into one category. There are to name a few: 100% fruit juices, fruit juice cocktails, fruit flavored sugary drinks like soda or Kool-Aid, expensive, trendy, chic whole […]

Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

Does your teen athlete eat enough to protect against the Female Athlete Triad Syndrome? Our work in nutrition is often focused on overeating and obesity related disease prevention. And while malnutrition and undereating can often be overlooked, these issues have the potential to be just as harmful. One such issue often presents itself in young […]

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