Stacey Bennett

Stacey Bennett RDN is a graduate of the Tri County Health Dept dietetic internship program

Fooducate – app review

  Fooducate was started as a website by Hemi Weingarten, a California father of three, who was having trouble making healthy choices at the grocery store:  “So many products, so many health claims, nutrients, ingredients, and so many promises by manufacturers….  I found it very difficult to make rational, and informed decisions for a task […]

The Juice on Juicing

If someone handed you a magic potion that would give you flawless skin, a perfect figure, and a guarantee of impeccable health, would you take it?  Juicing is one of the latest diet crazes that promises all of these things. Terms like “cleanse” and “detox” are thrown in the promotional mix to make people feel […]

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