Marissa Donovan

Marissa Donovan, MS RDN is a graduate of the Tri County Health Dept dietetic internship program

Avoid mindless eating

Many of us do not realize how much our environment affects our eating. Everything from your mood, to the friends you eat with, to the size of the plate you’re using can have huge impacts on your food choices. Brian Wansink, PhD is a psychologist who studies just this.  His book “Mindless Eating” describes ways […]

You’re too smart for that!—deceptive health halos

With all the nutrition trends out there, it is tough to identify the better choices. Food companies pick a specific health claim to market their products, hoping the consumer believes that product is healthier. It must work. Beware of the following health halos: Gluten Free. Gluten free does NOT mean healthy. If you have celiac […]

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