Katie Painter

Katie Painter MS RDN is a graduate of the Tri County Health Department dietetic internship program

What exactly are Ancient Grains?

Have you ever heard of freekeh, einkorn, or sorghum? These are three of a multitude of nutritious ancient grains that offer a variety of health benefits. Grains are seeds from Gramineae family plants.  Grains have been the foundation of nutrition for many years because of their nutritional value and chemical properties, allowing a multitude of […]

Juice, Juice, and more Juice

Over the years, juicing has emerged as a popular health movement in the United States. Common reasons people juice are to: Lose weight Cleanse or detoxify the body Increase nutrient consumption from fruits and vegetables Increase energy levels Have clear, glowing skin Strengthen the immune system These alleged benefits of juicing have been widely covered […]

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