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Joanna Johnson RDN

Eat fruit on an empty stomach?

New fad alert: Eating fruit on an empty stomach is better than consuming it with other foods. The breakdown of mixed foods in the stomach has apparently caused some concern. The idea behind this is that when fruit and fruit juices are mixed with other foods in the stomach, it causes the food to ferment […]

Virtual Supermarket Tour Part 3

Part 3 of the Virtual Supermarket Tour looks at the center aisles of the store Hooray! We are at the last part of the virtual supermarket tour. The aisles in the middle of the store include canned goods, bread, and processed or packaged food. The less processed food you buy, the better, but some can […]

Virtual Supermarket Tour Part 2

Part 2 of the Virtual Supermarket Tour looks at the frozen food section Welcome to Part 2 of the virtual supermarket tour! Moving on over to the frozen foods section, there are once again a plethora of choices. While I would still recommend making most of your food choices from the fresh produce section and […]

Virtual Supermarket Tour: Part 1

Part 1 of the Virtual Supermarket tour: the perimeter of the store Ever feel overwhelmed at the grocery store? Are there too many choices and you aren’t sure what is the best? This “virtual supermarket tour” will guide you through the grocery store and steer you toward healthy, cost-efficient choices. The first section I will […]

Gluten-free vs. regular cupcakes

Gluten- free is all the craze these days. Because of the huge increase of people going gluten-free (because of a gluten intolerance or for other reasons), recipes for gluten-free baked goods, bread, and snacks are all over the place. While I am not gluten free, I find myself wondering if these delicious looking recipes everywhere […]

Paleo diets broken down

The Paleo Diet: Broken down so a “caveman” can understand it Paleo diet, Primal diet, Vegetarian Paleo, The Whole30…you’ve heard them all but what exactly are they? Let’s start with where the Paleo Diet came from. Dr. Loren Cordain is widely accredited as the primary expert on nutrition of our “caveman” ancestors. He wrote “The […]

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