Greta Macey

Greta Macey RDN is a graduate of the Tri County Health Department dietetic internship program

Aquafaba Magic

Turning Bean Water into Egg Whites While my strict vegan days are behind me (along with my flip phone and feather hair extensions) my preference towards a plant-based lifestyle remains. I enjoy finding ways to reduce my “food footprint” and I respect the inherent sustainability in following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. As an RD-to […]

Quick Guide to DIY Kombucha

“Kom-booka, koom-basha, kum-baka?”  Whether or not you can pronounce it, Kombucha (kom-bOO-cha) tea has been popping up in grocery store coolers everywhere. Restaurants and cafes are even offering it on tap. As a nutrition student, I frequently get questions regarding this mysterious fizzy drink. To satisfy my own curiosity, I’ve started making my own! But, […]

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