Erin Alewine

Erin Alewine RDN is a graduate of the Tri County Health Department dietetic internship program

Allergen Friendly Nut Butters

Peanut and tree nut allergies are…scary, to say the least. But more and more products are popping up to allow people with nut allergies the option to enjoy “peanut butter” and jelly sandwiches, “peanut butter” cookies, and other foods containing allergen- and hopefully worry-free alternatives. As you peruse the grocery store peanut butter aisle, you […]

Drinking Shrubs and Switchels

No, I am not talking about the drinking evergreen bushes and twigs. Shrubs and Switchels are classic elixirs. Each use vinegar as the main ingredient to which a natural sweetener and other ingredients are added to create distinct flavor combinations. Shrubs consist of vinegar (many different types can be used), fruit and/or herbs, and natural […]

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