Elise Boretz

Elise Boretz RDN is a graduate of the Tri County Health Dept dietetic internship program

Are cricket pancakes in your future?

The Secret Ingredient in these pancakes is… I have a feeling that most Americans would shudder at the thought of eating roasted, crushed insects. We don’t want bugs in our homes at all, let alone in our pantries. Why eat insects willingly? It might make some of us squirm, but many believe that the nutritional […]

The Seventh Day Adventist diet

Longer lives and healthy communities Imagine living in an American community with no liquor stores or fast food restaurants. Physical activity is a regular community affair, as is stress relief. Your family meals and celebrations feature salad, fruit, and the occasional piece of fish. Feeling healthy yet? For Seventh Day Adventists, this lifestyle is a […]

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