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A vegetarian in the house

Having written a book about vegetarian cuisine, as well as spent years cooking vegetarian dishes, I’m no stranger to the logistical issues. Unless you’re content to base your vegetarian diet on soy burgers (not recommended at all), you’re going to be doing some cooking. The problem is, this type of cooking is frequently time-consuming and […]


photo © 2019 Donna P Feldman re-use by permission only.  (radio nutrition(at)


photo © 2019 Donna P Feldman re-use by permission only.  (radio nutrition(at)

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Sneaky subliminal health messages

A year-end review of the headlines, ads and recipes that can negatively influence your healthy lifestyle choices As the year winds down, we’re in the habit of reflecting on what went well and what could be improved in the new year.  Food, diets, exercise and health are popular topics.  I’m all for making healthy choices […]

Stuffed pumpkin for your meatless holiday meal

Holiday meals are traditionally built around one signature entrée, typically a grand piece of meat: turkey at Thanksgiving, perhaps roast beef or a goose at Christmas.  Lamb goes with Easter and is also an important part of other celebrations around the Mediterranean.  A luau features roast pig.  The point is: meat is the centerpiece.  But […]

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