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Fresh fruit can be so disappointing!

Ahhh summer! Warm weather (sometimes really warm), long days, flowers blooming, fresh fruit ripening. I always look forward to seasonal fruit, starting with strawberries in late spring. As summer goes on, we’re inundated with melons, peaches, blueberries, nectarines, raspberries and on and on. But more and more, every year I wonder what happened to fruit. […]

Hydration for summer heat waves

Take away message from the Southwest Northwest heatwave: Being fit/young/health-conscious/experienced-hiker-biker will not protect you from the deadly effects of extreme heat. UPDATED from 5 years ago.  I first wrote about hydration in heatwaves 5 years ago, when the U.S. Southwest was getting hit.  Heatwaves in places like Arizona aren’t unexpected.  Heatwaves in the cloudy, rainy Northwest […]

Chocolate for breakfast …

…. chocolate for dinner. Which is healthier? “Study: Chocolate in morning may lower blood glucose, burn fat” Well that headline caught my eye. I clicked through to read the research report for the real story. After reading through it, I was so confused. Why did anyone think eating so much chocolate first thing in the […]


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What you need to know about iodine

Don’t know much about iodine? Read on. Iodine is a trace mineral nutrient. The recommended intake is listed in micrograms (one millionth of a gram), ranging from 90 mcg for a young child to 150 mcg for an adult. We get iodine from a limited number of foods. Dairy foods: iodine content of milk and […]


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