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Saturated fat reprieve?

Recently I switched to whole milk yogurt, one brand in particular (which shall remain nameless as I’m not paid to endorse it).  It’s regular — not Greek style — yogurt, and not homogenized.  Fat and water don’t mix, so the cream separates and when you open the container, there’s a delightful and delicious layer of […]

Multiples don’t prevent heart disease

Duh, who thought they did? When it comes to nutrition, nothing makes me crazier than the idea that supplements have some sort of drug-like function.  I know it’s tempting to believe that you can cure yourself of all kinds of dire diseases by taking more of some nutrient, as if supplements are Drugs Lite.  No […]


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strawberries and apricots

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Sleep and food – what do we know?

We all know that the caffeine in coffee or tea can keep us awake.  What about foods that make us sleepy?  Thanksgiving dinner comes to mind, the supposed sleep-inducer being the turkey, although it’s more likely because it’s a big meal.  For people looking to combat insomnia or create better sleep quality, eating Thanksgiving dinner […]

10 Diet Myths Revisited Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:33 — 4.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI haven’t been focusing on weight loss or diets at all recently, not because obesity has magically gone away.  Rather I think the whole subject is negative and counter-productive.  Better to think about eating a more healthful overall diet. […]

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