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Red Meat: to eat or not to eat?

Our conflicted attitude about eating red meat was on full display last week with the publication of a new “guideline” from the NutriRECS Consortium. The report was an extreme exercise in statistical analysis of other studies about meat and health. The basic conclusion: you can keep eating red meat, even processed red meat. It won’t […]

Late Night Fat Shaming Play in new window | Download (11.4MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSLate night hosts recently took on the obesity epidemic. Bill Maher wants to bring back fat shaming. He thinks it’s the solution. James Corden responds that fat shaming will just make the problem worse. Who is right? In my opinion, both have […]

Intermittent fasting explained sort of

Intermittent Fasting (IM) is the new “It” diet. Actually the idea has been floating around for several years, but it’s picked up traction recently. Listening to the gushy reviews, you’d think it was the cure-all for obesity, aging and inflammation. So what is it exactly? Well, that’s the $64 question. It seems IM has no […]

What is a Plant-Based Diet anyway? Play in new window | Download (20.1MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThere’s a lot of confusion about the meaning of “plant based diet”. I try to clear it up by talking about what plant-based does not mean. At least that’s a start. By the way, it does not mean vegan or vegetarian, although […]

What is nutritional yeast?

One of the strangest nutrition stories of recent memory has to be the one about the teenaged boy who developed severe nutritional deficiencies after eating nothing but french fries, white bread and potato chips for years. One sad result: he lost his sight, likely due to the effect of B12 deficiency, which affects nerve function, […]

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