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Fun with Tempeh

What’s a Rice Krispie Treat doing on the cover? me That was my reaction to the cover photo on a recent issue of Food and Nutrition Magazine. Looking closer, I realized it was a block of tempeh, photo-shopped to saturate the color, creating the illusion of a Rice Krispie Treat. It’s a funny thought, considering […]

lemons and limes

winter fruits

10 signs of a bad diet

A report from Harvard released last month claims that by 2030 — in 10 short years — half of US adults will be obese. I’d say they’re about 10 years behind. Just go outside and look at the people around you. Half of US adults already appear to be obese. But hope springs eternal. It’s […]

Immune-boosting nutrients

No one enjoys having a cold or the flu. No wonder, we’re always trying to do something to avoid them. Get shots, take anti-viral meds, take herbs or vitamins, eat chicken soup, wash your hands. Years ago mega dose vitamin C was touted as a cure for the common cold. People took thousands of milligrams […]

Orange slices

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