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I love peanuts

…and peanut butter Actually maybe I love peanut butter the most. If I’m in need of a quick snack, peanut butter on a slice of bread is my preferred choice. Sometimes I by-pass the bread and just eat some peanut butter. The National Peanut Board has lots of interesting facts about peanuts, such as: Peanuts […]


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sour cherries

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In praise of watermelon

One of my favorite summer fruits is watermelon. It’s refreshing and delicious. Unlike other summer fruit (peaches, berries, even cantaloupe), it keeps well. As an added bonus, it’s hydrating, which is something we think about in summer. Watermelon didn’t spring from the ground, fully formed as the sweet red fruit we know. According to Harry […]

Killer Red Meat..?

Last week set a record for silly headlines about red meat and death risk. Eating red meat linked with higher risk of death Eating red meat may boost death risk More red meat in diet tied to higher risk of early death Red meat consumption increases risk of early death. And on and on, in […]

Are blueberries that special?

Just in time for summer blueberry season, a study that touts the miracle benefits of blueberries! What A Coincidence! According to the blog on the Blueberry Council Website, you’ve now got a reason to eat blueberries every single day. Eating a daily cup of blueberries for 6 months was linked to improvements in heart health […]

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