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Research Nonsense .. Again

Today’s Headline Follies: “Fruit juice increases your risk of early death!” Nowadays, my first thought when reading these headlines is “who funds this junk research?” And what were the preconceived prejudices of the researchers? I know why we have the headlines: click bait. Sure sounds alarming — fruit juice causes early death! Like, at age […]

Simplifying plant-based recipes

I’m all for plant-based eating, whether or not you’re officially vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian. What I’m opposed to is the idea that this sort of diet is really complicated, requiring special kitchen gadgets, gourmet cooking skills and expensive ingredients. There are plenty of examples of these sorts of recipes floating around the internet. They sound […]

red fruit

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Time restricted feeding

Skipping Breakfast May Raise Risk of Heart Disease!!! screamed the recent headline. There were similar variations on that theme all over Main Stream Media. So if you get your diet factoids from headlines, you might conclude that eating breakfast prevents heart disease OR skipping breakfast causes heart attacks Or both. You’d be wrong on both […]

Fructose Revisited Play in new window | Download (9.1MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhile doing a spring cleaning on old blog posts, I found several on fructose. It was a popular topic years ago, thanks to high fructose corn syrup hysteria. Unfortunately, the potential problems of excess fructose intake haven’t gone away, so time to […]


photo © 2019 Donna P Feldman re-use by permission only.  (radio nutrition(at)

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