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Don’t overlook these probiotic foods

What do you associate with the term “fermented food”? yogurt yogurt yogurt How about “probiotic food”? What food do you think of? yogurt yogurt yogurt If you picked “yogurt” for any of your answers, you wouldn’t be wrong. We’re so focused on yogurt we forget about other fermented/probiotic foods that can be equally beneficial. They […]

What exactly is fish sauce?

Fish sauce is not something you put on fish Fish sauce is an essential ingredient in countless Asian recipes, from curries to soups to sauces and beyond.  It packs a fishy odor, and a strong salty and umami flavor punch, so you don’t need to use much. There’s a reason for that fishy odor — […]



What’s the healthiest nut butter?

All the good things about nuts are true of nut butters, too. with the added benefit of making sandwiches. Hard to make a nut sandwich. Plant protein Healthy fats Minerals Vitamins Fiber Delicious and convenient The nutritional profile of a nut butter is no different from the nut.  Well, it shouldn’t be different. The best […]


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