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The weasel words of nutrition

Oh the irony!  We obsess about hygiene and bacteria. We carry little spritzers of sanitizer everywhere, obsessively scrubbing our hands after touching door knobs or chairs or grocery cart handles.  Yet many of us think nothing of popping capsules of allegedly beneficial bacteria everyday, welcoming those bacteria right into our bodies in the hope that […]

cucumber water

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Cool off with tzatziki

So many recipes and foods are just better in hot weather.  Ice cream of course.  Lemonade.  Fresh seasonal tomatoes, melon, peaches and corn.  And for me, tzatziki.  This summer in particular, because I’ve been inundated with cucumbers.  There’s are only so many you can give away to the neighbors.  At some point you have to […]

apple slices

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Honey: a great reason to eat local

Honey is the perfect feel-good sweetener.  It’s made by bees, so it’s got a “natural” Health Halo.  It’s linked to flowers — clover, wildflowers, lavender, acacia, tupelo, you name it.  It’s got a unique flavor and a lovely amber color.  What could go wrong?  As noted in a recent article in The Economist, honey is […]

SIBO, brain fog and probiotics

When it comes to nutrition, yes you can get too much of a good thing.  Excess intake of many Health Halo nutrients and foods can create adverse — even dangerous — effects.  Water and certain fat soluble vitamins are some examples.   I came across a pretty fascinating study recently that examined the connection between […]

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