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10 tips for healthy holiday food

Nothings says Holidays like artificially sweetened low fat pumpkin pie with fake whipped topping. The Food Nannies are baaaaaaccckk. Their mission: destroy what’s left of the Thanksgiving holiday. This year the Food Nannies have competition from the public health scolds in the race to ruin Thanksgiving. The message is: You should feel guilty about enjoying […]

Garbanzos and pasta

Here’s a new favorite cold weather dish in my home. A container of leftover cooked macaroni was the inspiration for this adaptation of a recipe I found in a magazine. It’s a great vegetarian/vegan main dish, best accompanied by a baguette or other crusty bread. For a vegetarian recipe with relatively simple ingredients, it packs […]

sourdough pretzels

photo © 2020 Donna P Feldman re-use by permission only.                       (radio nutrition(at)

Do some of us need more protein?

Nutrition orthodoxy holds that we all get enough protein, frequently too much protein. The idea that certain groups of people may in fact need to eat more protein flies in the face of that conventional wisdom. I started seriously questioning this orthodoxy while writing Food Wisdom for Women. Muscles mass decreases with age, leading to […]

Fried rice for a quick meatless meal

When you think “fried rice”, you probably think of the standard Chinese restaurant side dish, heavy on rice and oil, with a few vegetable bits and maybe pork or egg. Tastes good, but maybe it can be healthier? Yes. And because meat is entirely optional, fried rice can easily be vegetarian, or even vegan. If […]

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