Late Night Fat Shaming

James Corden rebukes Bill Maher about the effect of fat shaming

Late night hosts recently took on the obesity epidemic. Bill Maher wants to bring back fat shaming. He thinks it’s the solution. James Corden responds that fat shaming will just make the problem worse. Who is right? In my opinion, both have valid points about obesity.

Meanwhile Instagram and Facebook claim they are going to do something about all the garbage posts that shil miracle diet products and glorify eating disorders. Apparently detox lollipops are a thing. If you admit you’re younger than 18 you supposedly won’t be seeing ads for those anymore.

I’m a big believer in setting an example rather than scolding about lifestyle habits. To that end, I finish the podcast with a suggestion for Mr. Corden: change the famous Carpool Karaoke segments to Walking Karaoke.

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