Is it cereal or is it candy?

Walk Talk Nutrition RD team visits the cereal aisle. We’re horrified.

Kathy and Donna visited the cereal aisle where we estimate 98% of the products are junk.

Our main points:

  • Breakfast cereal should provide a decent amount of protein.  Kathy thinks at least 10 grams/serving.  Most of the junk cereals have only about 1 or 2 grams.
  • Most have excessive amounts of added sugars, 1 tablespoon per serving in many products.  And we don’t care if it’s free of high fructose corn syrup, or it’s organic.  It’s still SUGAR.
  • Adding cow’s milk or soy milk at least adds some protein.  Using a plant “milk” like almond or coconut does nothing to improve protein content.  A sugary cereal with one of those milks is not a great breakfast for a kid heading out to school.
  • Cereals are made from grains and should provide a significant amount of fiber.  Most do not.
  • Many are enriched with vitamins/minerals.  That’s nice but doesn’t justify high sugar or low protein content.
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