Sharon Palmer RD talks plant based diets

Plant based eating is a very popular diet trend, and for good reason.  Research shows that diets that focus more on plant foods are healthier.  But what exactly is a plant-based diet?  What foods are used? What do meals look like?  Registered dietitian Sharon Palmer knows plant based diets. She’s written two books on the subject, and writes a blog and newsletter with more tips on recipes and foods.  Since I’m also a fan of plant-based eating,  I thought it would be interesting to get Sharon’s perspective.  I spoke with her recently and you can listen in to our conversation on the podcast.  We touched on

  • barriers to adopting a more plant based diet
  • ways to make plant based meals easier and delicious
  • nutritional considerations
  • recipe tips

One important point to remember is that there is no one set definition of “plant based diet”.  As Sharon points out, it includes a spectrum of food styles, from vegan to Mediterranean to flexitarian.  The key point is that more of the food on your plate comes from plants rather than from animals.

Sharon’s books, “The Plant Powered Diet” and “Plant Powered for Life” are available on Amazon, or on her website, where you can sign up for her newsletter and find more ideas on plant-based eating on her blog.

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