Major shocker: Starbucks drinks contain sugar

macchiattoWhat would we do without the Food Nannies?

Some people will do anything for attention.  A group calling itself “Action on Sugar” has just released the shocking news that Starbucks coffee drinks contain (gasp!) sugar.  Apparently customers are too dumb to realize that sweet tastes come from sugar, so we needed Action on Sugar to badger educate us about it.  Do they think everyone will now give up Starbucks and other sweetened coffee drinks?

The linked article has the details of one alleged “case study” of Starbucks sugar overload: a guy named Mark claims he drank a

… large white cafe mocha with caramel and vanilla syrup, cream on top, caramel and chocolate drizzle at Starbucks – approximately three times a day, seven days a week….for about a year. 

Really?  3 times a day.  For 365 days?  Well over 1000 of those drinks.  Never mind his supposed liver problems, what about his TEETH?  Hmmm..  Do I believe this story?  Thinking….. thinking…..*

It gets worse.  The action group demands that Starbucks and other coffee chains take responsibility for the customers health by refusing to serve sugary drinks.  Apparently the actual customer has zero responsibility for making wise decisions about his or her own health.

Let’s take this to its logical conclusion: people have no responsibility to make good decisions about any food or beverage choices.  It’s the job of store clerks to police what we eat.  So why stop at coffee shops?  Ice cream shops should refuse to serve customers potentially unhealthy foods, like…. well… ice cream.  Grocery stores and convenience stores should stop selling anything whatsoever that could be deemed unhealthy by the food nannies.  Bakeries should stop selling cakes or donuts or pies.

What would that other famous nanny, Mary Poppins say about all this?  No more spoonfuls of sugar?  I suspect Ms. Poppins would point out that guzzling giant sugary drinks of any type all day every day is a dumb idea.  You don’t need a store clerk to nag you about something that’s just basic common sense.

*I had to buy one of those drinks to take the photo.  And of course had to taste it.  Two sips and I was done. I can’t imagine drinking one small size, let alone 3 large ones per day.

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