Happy Valentine’s Day to 10 foods I love

be-mine-heartWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to send my love to 10 of my favorite foods.  They aren’t necessarily foods I eat everyday, but they are foods I love.

I 💘 bread

Crusty dense and chewy artisanal loaves made with whole grains have the richest flavor.  Plus whole grains boost nutrient content.

I 💖 arugula

This spicy dark green is best in spring.  Toss a bowl of arugula leaves with olive oil and a dash of vinegar for a very filling side dish, or add grated cheese and make it a filling meal.

Coffee with half and half  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Every morning. When I can find it (properly prepared) — Vietnamese coffee.

I 💗 yogurt

Calcium + protein + probiotics + flavor.  What could be better?

Broccoli 💚 💚 💚

Raw, sautéed, roasted, in salads, in curries, in stir fry, in soups.  Close 2nd: Brussels sprouts.

❤️ Hamburgers

Yes hamburgers. Homemade with moderate-fat ground beef (or lamb – yum!), topped with avocado, roasted chilis and sliced tomato on a crusty toasted bun.

Fresh-off-the-vine summer tomatoes 😍 💕 ♥️

On that hamburger, or just plain slices seasoned with fresh ground pepper and a dash of salt. Or chopped with fresh mozzarella and basil.

I 💛 💛 fresh in-season oranges

They’re at their best in winter.  Tangy, sweet, juicy and loaded with potassium and vitamin C.

💝 Chocolate cake and chocolate truffles

Well, it is the season for chocolate after all, and I’m all about rich decadent chocolate confections, not the plain dark chocolate recommended for heart health.  Obviously you can’t eat cake and truffles everyday if you want to maintain a healthy diet, but if it’s a special once-a-year occasion, enjoy!  I know I will.

😻 💖 😻 I love Asian cuisine

From India to Thailand to Vietnam to China, Korea and Japan, I love Asian style food.  Special favorites: Thai pumpkin curry, Vietnamese spring rolls, naan bread, dal soups and spicy vegetable dishes.

Not too bad from a nutritional point of view either.  Except for the chocolate cake, it’s all good.  And we all need a little indulgence in our food lives. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your favorite foods.

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