Oprah lost weight despite eating bread

BreadAndCukesBread sure gets a bad rap. Don’t think Oprah’s infamous $12 million dollar Tweet about eating bread and losing weight will help.  The Take Away Message: “Bread is fattening, but I still managed to lose weight.”

We love to hate bread.  It’s been disparaged for decades in wealthier developed countries.  Imagine dissing bread in Italy or France.  You’d be deported.

When did bread become a dietary bogeyman?  Certainly the obsession with low carb diets was part of the problem, made worse by the gluten-free fad.  Restaurants that hand out free bottomless bread baskets could be part of bread’s image problem.  Bread tastes good, and it’s easy to overeat when there’s an endless supply.  Therefore bread is bad because we can’t control our intake?

Of course, blaming bread for either weight gain or diet failure is idiotic.  There are so many other higher calorie and more tempting foods. You’ll note that Oprah didn’t claim she’d eaten any of these everyday on her Weight Watchers Diet:

  • premium ice cream
  • doughnuts
  • pepperoni pizza
  • super sized fries
  • super sized soda pop
  • double bacon cheeseburgers
  • bags of potato chips

You get the picture.  Oprah’s diet survived bread, but it probably wouldn’t have survived those types of foods. In fact she expresses a love of bread, so good for her.  She might help create a bit of Bread Sanity.  I’d welcome that.  Bread can be wonderful stuff, assuming it’s a flavorful grainy type of bread, not a commercial white loaf bread with the consistency of a paper napkin.

Nutritional benefits of whole grain bread

  • low fat
  • high fiber
  • filling
  • significant source of B vitamins
  • significant source of minerals such as iron
  • surprising amount of protein, considering the calories
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