2016 Food Trends I’d like to see

FoodTrends2016If you search the term “food trends 2016”, you’ll find a lot of opinions about what we’ll be eating in 2016.  Canned Wine, seaweed, lentilssavory/salty yogurt and more fried chicken are just some of the expert predictions.

The common thread so far:

  • more convenience, from grocery delivery services to prepared meals shipped to your door.
  • more vegetables

I can’t argue with those.  But many predictions are self-serving.  Agriculture trade organizations and food manufacturers get their products onto lists to increase sales.  Some of it is just wishful thinking, such as the idea that we’ll all be eating more vegan food.

I don’t pretend to know the future of food, but I do have some food trends I’d like to see in 2016.

  1. Consumers wake up to the fact that “free from..” does not equal “healthy”. Consequently the gluten-free hysteria evaporates.
  2. Small is Beautiful: supersized beverages disappear as demand grows for modest 8 oz drink portions.
  3. Restaurants shrink the size of meat entrees and fill up the plate with salad, sautéed greens or roasted vegetables.
  4. Plain baked or boiled potatoes — filling, delicious and nutritious — are on the menu for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.
  5. Protein powders lose their appeal, as consumers realize how highly processed they are.
  6. Athletes in the know ditch the highly processed “energy” products, as real food becomes the fashionable fuel.
  7. Sick of traffic and parking hassles, people start walking more for daily transportation.

Well a nutrition expert can dream.  Whatever food trends actually take hold, I hope you focus on whole foods, stay active and enjoy eating in 2016.  And stay tuned to Radio Nutrition for all the news about food, diet and nutrition trends.

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