Walk Talk Nutrition talks pizza

Wood Fired PizzaThe WalkTalkNutrition RDs talk pizza.  We love pizza. Who doesn’t?  But we prefer healthier ways to prepare it.  Too often, it’s a calorie bomb of inexpensive high fat ingredients like cheese and pepperoni.  Our preference: thin wood-oven baked pizza in the European style, with vegetables and small amounts of quality toppings rather than gobs of cheap high fat toppings.

Fun facts from Pizza.com

  • Regular thin crust is preferred by 61% of the population in America, 14% prefer deep-dish, and 11% prefer extra thin crust
  • 62% of Americans prefer meat toppings while 38% prefer vegetables
  • Women are twice as likely as men to order vegetables on their pizza
  • 36 percent of all orders include pepperoni
  • 13% of Americans eat pizza daily

From Food Surveys Research Group Dietary Data Brief February 2014:

  • Pizza is recognized as a high consumption food and a contributor of nutrients of public significance in the American diet, including total fat, calcium and sodium.
  • Depending on the age group, pizza ranks as one of the top three leading contributors of sodium to the American diet
  • The mean sodium intake obtained from pizza was 1136 mg for children and 1599 mg for adults.
  • Average caloric intake from pizza:
    • Kids/teens 538 kcal
    • Adults 744 kcal
  • Avg kcal per slice (across all styles) =  220-370 kcal (⅛ medium pie)

How Bad Can It Get?

We found this extremely high calorie/high sodium personal pan pizza, courtesy of Eat This Not That, which labeled it “Worst pizza in America”:

Uno Chicago Grill Chicago Classic Deep Dish Individual Pizza

2300+ calories

164 grams fat

almost 5000 mg sodium

all in one individual sized pizza

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