5 really silly health halo foods

vitamin waterThe average grocery store is overflowing with health halo foods that have no business taking up space.

I don’t know about you, but for me, a trip to the grocery store can be a trip down the nutritional rabbit hole.  It’s not just the garden-variety junk food, like the entire aisle of chips.  It’s the junk food pimped up with a health halo.  Here are 5 random examples, in no particular order.

1. Vitamin Water

All it takes is the word “vitamin” to fool plenty of people into buying this stuff — sugar water with some nutrient fairy dust.  And no particular rationale for which vitamins/minerals are included and which aren’t in any one variety.  One has a tidbit of manganese.  Why?  Another has a bit of calcium.  The only vitamins they all have are B6, vitamin C and pantothenic acid.  Why??  Was there a sale on B6 powder 10 years ago and they’re trying to use it up?  Is there any evidence that the population is lacking in these particular nutrients? (no).

birthday oat bars2. Quaker Birthday Oat Bars

Oats!  Granola!  Oh look, no high fructose corn syrup!  Healthy!

Good 2 Grow

3. Good 2 Grow “Juicy Waters”

Again, seriously?  The Good 2 Grow line includes some organic juices and blends in plastic single-serve bottles (trash), along with a line of “juicy waters” — stevia-sweetened water mixed with a bit of apple juice.  It’s only 25% juice, but it’s organic!  That makes it OK.  Are the bulky cartoon character caps organic too?  Or do they end up in land fill?

chocolate K4. Chocolate Special K

Here we have a brand that’s been associated with dieting and health for a very long time expanding into junk status.  Is plain cereal not enough?  In fact, sugar sweetener isn’t enough these days.  We need actual chunks of chocolate mixed in.  What next?  Chocolate Raisin Bran?

water enhancer5. Liquid Water Enhancer

Sort of a do-it-yourself vitamin water idea.  Since plain water just isn’t enough, you can add drops of this sweet flavored vitamin-fortified enhancer.  There’s that B6 again.  Why?  Is there a widespread deficiency?  Or are these particular vitamins (1) inexpensive and (2) tasteless, making them ideal Health Halo material.


     Bonus Material

OK at least this one isn’t hiding behind a health halo.  Cookies & Creme Spread.  We needed this?  What do you do, spread it on cookies?  Or dip cookies in it?  Sort of like doubling down on cookies: dip your Oreos in more Oreos.

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