“Drink your way to Gut Health” author interview

guthealthbookInterview with Molly Morgan RD, CDN, CSSD

Registered dietitian Molly Morgan’s latest book — Drink Your Way to Gut Health — isn’t your typical smoothie recipe book.  You’ll find detailed information about the probiotic ingredients used in those recipes, including recipes for making probiotics like kefir and kombucha yourself.

Morgan wants readers to explore probiotics beyond familiar yogurt.  The smoothie recipes use a wide variety of probiotic ingredients, as well as fruits, juices and other ingredients to promote gut health.  While people dealing with a digestive problem might be attracted by the title of the book, Morgan believes people should pay attention to gut health everyday, since it’s connected to so many other health issues.

Drink Your Way to Gut Health is a really useful book, even if you don’t attempt to make your own kombucha or kefir.  You can always buy those key probiotic ingredients, which are widely available in major grocery stores and speciality food shops.   The wide variety of recipes encourage readers to stretch their smoothie repertoire beyond yogurt and fruit.  Gut health is not something to think about just when you have a problem.  It’s something to promote every day. The recipes in this book can help you do that.

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