Donut Day!

doughnutsIt’s National Donut Day.  Celebrate?…

Yesterday was National Cheese Day.  Followed today by National Donut Day.  Two foods that are nutritional polar opposites.

  • Cheese: high protein, high fat, significant calcium and other minerals and some vitamins
  • Doughnuts: high sugar, high carb, high fat

Donuts also have a surprisingly high sodium content.  According to the Dunkin’ Donuts website, a typical large glazed donut has around 330 mg of sodium, along with 260 calories.

There’s plenty of buzz for Donut Day, including lots of opportunities to get free donuts.  As if anyone needed convincing to eat donuts?  I didn’t notice anyone giving out free cheese on Cheese Day.   What does that say about our true food priorities?

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