We visit Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

Gyro Sandwich

It’s Mediterranean Diet month, so we check out a Mediterranean style restaurant

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill is a small, but growing, chain of restaurants dishing up nothing but Mediterranean style food: felafel, gyros, hummus, pita, plenty of vegetables and salads and baklava.  And except for the baklava, everything on the menu seems to include plenty of vegetables.  There’s meat, in modest portions, but non-meat eaters will find plenty to like.

The plant-based meals are filling, but not necessarily high calorie.  There’s an online nutrition fact sheet that lists calories, other nutrients and ingredient and allergen information.  Calories on the menu board are less helpful, since they’re given in ranges, that depend on what items you pick for your gyro or salad plate.

GarbanzoPlateOne of the highest calorie menu choices: 6 falafel on laffa bread with tahini sauce at 810 calories, without any sides or drinks.  A side of seasoned chips adds 510 calories.  A pomegranate lemonade adds 460 calories of sugar.  And as Kathy points out, many of the menu items, such as soups and falafel, are high sodium.  Donna thought the falafel were too greasy, which could be related to cooking time in the deep fryer.

With the increasing popularity of the Mediterranean Diet, more restaurants are focused on that style of food.  In general, similar Mediterranean menu items will have similar calories, and similar health benefits.  Beware of high calorie side dishes, sugary soft drinks and desserts.

We both enjoyed our meal, and would definitely go back again.  If you’re interested in trying some traditional Mediterranean foods, a restaurant like this is a great solution.

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