“I’m one quarter Coca-Cola”

cokeSo says 84 year old billionaire Warren Buffet.

For me, Warren Buffet’s recent admission that he drinks 5 Cokes a day and eats chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast is a breath of fresh air in our self-righteous world of diet purity.  Not that I’d recommend eating like he does.  But it apparently works for him.  He’s very successful and 84.  Whatever works.

Which bring me to a guy who is the polar opposite of Warren Buffet.  I heard this story recently, too.  A middle-aged guy, who lives alone in a big house.  He lives off his investments, and spends the day obsessing about his diet.  His raw vegan diet is like a religious cult.  He gladly proselytizes non-believers, arguing that:

He’s going to live a long life, thanks to his purist diet

They’re doomed to die miserably, after suffering for years with chronic diseases.

What must he make of Coca-Cola swigging Warren Buffet, who should be long gone by now, or at least visibly suffering from those multiple disabling illnesses.  It’s a slap in the face to any self-respecting raw vegan devotee.  Not to mention the high fructose corn syrup hysterics and sugar-phobes.

Nutrition Facts — 5 cans Coca Cola

  • 700 calories
  • 195 grams sugar
  • 170 mg of caffeine.  One large cup of coffee or double espresso latte has more than that.
  • not much else of consequence unless you count the water

Of course, we aren’t aware of any current medical problems Mr. Buffet may have (he was treated for prostate cancer 3 years ago).  He may be taking medication that allows him to continue to indulge his diet choices.  He may be naturally resistant to common chronic diseases.  Or he may be exaggerating.  Maybe he only drinks Coke when he’s out in public and there are photographers around.  Maybe he’s a secret broccoli addict.  He admits to a love of Utz canned potato stix.  Well, those are vegetables.  Technically.

The Big Picture

  1. Eating a junky diet guarantees nothing.  Some people get away with less-than-stellar food habits.  Some people exaggerate how bad their diet really is, just to poke at the purists.  I’m all for poking the purists.
  2. Eating a purist diet guarantees nothing.  We all know people who, despite healthy lifestyles, develop terrible diseases or are sidelined by injuries.
  3. No one wants to hang out with a purist diet nag, no matter how long he might live.
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