Walk Talk Nutrition visits Subway

KathySubSubway was the first restaurant to market itself as diet and health friendly, thanks to the famous Jared, who lost an impressive amount of weight, using Subway as a built in portion and calorie control system.  Hard to imagine that a mere 12 or so years ago, positioning your restaurant as a weight loss tool was probably seen as very risky.  Now we pretty much equate Subway with healthy food.  Which could be a problem.  Not everything at Subway is low calorie or necessarily healthy.

There are eight Fresh Fit choices, all low fat 6-inch subs with 350 calories or less.  Adding cheese or sauces adds calories, but not that many.

DonnasSubIn addition to the low calorie sub options, we like:

  1. The variety of choices for fresh vegetable toppings for subs
  2. The Kids Meal, that includes milk and apple slices
  3. That the subs have substantial protein

But, as noted, not everything at Subway is healthy.  Kathy was concerned about the high sodium content of some of the condiments, sauces and subs.  And after ordering your healthy sub, you could be tempted to indulge in a giant soft drink, cookie or chips, all  of which pile on empty calories.  Our recommendation if you’re really hungry: just have a 12-inch Fresh Fit sub, with lot of added veggies.  Drink water.

SubwayCupThere’s another thing we appreciated: the Fresh Fit choices are promoted on the plastic soft drink cup, complete with calorie counts.  Ironically, if you fill that cup with a sweetened beverage, you could consume just as many calories from sugar as from your Fresh Fit sub.

Our bottom line: Subway has lots of good options, but you have to choose them.  Not everything is low calorie.  Avoid the empty calorie traps and load your sub with vegetable toppings so it’s more filling.

Subway has a comprehensive nutrition information table online.


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