Virtual Supermarket Tour Part 3

cerealaislePart 3 of the Virtual Supermarket Tour looks at the center aisles of the store

Hooray! We are at the last part of the virtual supermarket tour. The aisles in the middle of the store include canned goods, bread, and processed or packaged food. The less processed food you buy, the better, but some can fit into a balanced diet. Hopefully this part of the tour will help you make healthy choices down those center aisles.

cerealboxCereal is a staple for many families, especially ones with children. And once again, the choices of cereal are endless. Sugary cereals with fun characters on the box are strategically placed in the middle of the shelves, conveniently right at eye level for children. Even now that many sugary cereals are advertising whole grain as a main ingredient, these are still not the best choices. Make sure to check the label of cereal boxes, looking for ingredients, sugar, and fiber content. Avoid cereal with sugar, corn syrup, or other forms of sugar in the first few ingredients. A whole grain should be the first ingredient and there should be no partially hydrogenenated oils (trans fat.) Also, check the grams of sugar per serving. Personally, I try to keep it under 9 or 10 grams. Cereal is one of the main foods Americans get their fiber from. Look for a cereal that contains around 20-25% of your daily fiber in one serving.

CannedBeansCanned goods can be a great addition to a healthy diet, and they are affordable and last a long time. Canned fruit and vegetables tend to be cheaper than fresh or frozen, so if you are on a strict budget, there is still no excuse for not eating your fruits and veggies! Another great item to add to the cart is canned beans. I have never been into the soaking and cooking process of beans that takes hours, so canned beans is my go to. Beans are a great source of fiber, protein, and potassium, and can be added to pretty much anything. When buying canned beans or canned vegetables, make sure they are low sodium, or no added salt. Adding your own spices and flavorings is a healthier way to prepare them. You can also rinse them before serving to get rid of some excess sodium.

Canned fruit is very affordable, and kids love it. Choose fruit that is canned in 100% juice instead of heavy or light syrup. If you are an applesauce lover, choose the kind with no added sugar. This will save you sugar and calories without sacrificing taste.PineappleCans

Choosing bread is trickier than expected. As you may know, whole-wheat bread is a better option than refined white bread. But there are so many options; with packages that say “wheat” or “multigrain” or “oat.” Those all sound healthy right? Look for bread that says 100% whole wheat. The ingredients should list whole-wheat flour as the first ingredient. After that criterion is met, choose whichever one you like. For me, the more grains and seeds they can fit in the bread, the better. breadlabel

I hope you found this virtual supermarket tour helpful! Happy shopping!

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