Healthy Noodles for lunch

as many calories as one portion of the cheesy noodle special

as many calories as one portion of the cheesy noodle special

The Walk Talk Nutrition team visits Noodles restaurant.

The Noodles Inc restaurant chain is all about fast noodle-based dishes.  While that might not sound healthy to certain people (we’re looking at you, Paleo fanatics!), dieters can find much to like here.  Almost all the dishes come in two sizes, so it’s easy to control portions and avoid overeating.  We found the Small sizes to be perfectly adequate.  Adding a protein side to the dish makes it even more satisfying.

There are also meal-sized salads and sandwiches, as well as side salads and soups.  The Thai Hot Pot looked like a good bet for a very filling meal as well.  If you want to narrow your choices by calories, allergens or entrée style, Noodles has a handy sorter tool on the website.

Of course, you can find lots of calories at Noodles if you want to.  Traditional dishes like Mac and Cheese and Stroganoff are plenty high in calories.  One serving of the current special — Alfredo MontAmore — has more calories than our 4 items combined.

The bottom line for ordering healthy at Noodles:

  1. Pick the Small sizes
  2. Avoid the desserts, garlic bread and sugary beverages
  3. Add a protein side to your meal, such as shrimp, chicken, pork, tofu or steak.
  4. Our top picks: Bangkok Curry, Japanese Pan Noodles, Tuscan Linguine, Pasta Fresca and Pad Thai.
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