‘Skinny Size It’ by Molly Morgan RD

Skinny Size ItRegistered dietitian Molly Morgan RD, CDN, CSSD understands what it means to be busy.  She’s a mom to two young children, a business owner, an author and nutrition consultant to professional hockey teams.  Despite all those responsibities, she makes time to cook.  Her new book, “Skinny Size It” is intended to help other busy people who want to eat healthy and cut calories. Or, as the book cover says “101 recipes that will fill you up and slim you down.”

Her recipes combine calorie cutting techniques with portion control and a healthy dose of vegetables and whole grains.  She covers a range of recipes, from breakfast to sandwiches to entrees, sauces and beverages.  There are shopping tips and recommendations for ingredient swaps that save calories without sacrificing flavor.

In the podcast interview, we discuss her calorie control cooking tips and some of her favorite recipes.

You can buy “Skinny Size It” on Amazon in Kindle or paperback format.

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