Walk Talk Nutrition: pantry check up


The Walk Talk Nutrition RD team discusses foods to stock in your pantry.  And foods to clear out.  Donna wrote about this topic for MyNetDiary recently.

Foods you will never find in Donna’s pantry:

  • margarine
  • shortening
  • fruit drinks that aren’t 100% juice
  • “energy” drinks
  • breakfast and snack bars that are basically candy
  • fake low calorie syrups
  • whipped topping
  • Health Halo junk like low fat cookies and snack foods
  • frozen pastries waffles, corn dogs, etc

Donna’s Top 3 Go-To foods you can use to spice up and complement lots of dishes

  1. Sundried tomatoes (chopped, in oil): use in salads, on sandwiches, with pasta or grain casseroles.  Intense tomato flavor
  2. Balsamic vinegar: works fine alone as a very low calorie salad dressing; perks up casseroles, soups and pasta; also can be used for grilled meats
  3. Chopped frozen spinach: easy to add to pasta, soups and casseroles.  Great with risotto.

Kathy’s list of Go-To foods:

  1. Toasted expeller-pressed sesame oil – although extra virgin olive oil is my main oil, I love toasted sesame oil for flavoring sauted tofu and veggies.
  2. Tzatziki Sauce (Cucumber/Dill Yogurt Sauce) – great with steamed greens, as a sandwich spread (vs. mayo), and as a veggie dip.  I either have that or a good quality pesto on hand (usually summer when I can make it fresh myself).
  3. Special salts:  Morton’s Lite Salt (50% less sodium without the weird metal taste), Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (as a lower sodium alternative than soy or reduced sodium soy sauce), and good quality truffle sea salt (for a tiny pinch on eggs or greens)
  4. Nuts/seeds:  I usually have 5-6 types in my frig for snacking, cooking, and adding to salads.
  5. Veggies:  I always have baby spinach, sweet peppers, onions, garlic, scallions, cabbage, carrots, and celery on hand to add willy nilly to recipes, meals, or snacks to increase flavor, crunch, and/or nutritional content.

Some key items you’ll find in Kathy’s pantry:

  • Tons of spices but none expired (I review/throw out annually)
  • Oils: EVOO, Canola – for baking, Spray oils – olive and canola – to spray pans.
  • Extracts:  vanilla, almond
  • Chicken, Beef, and Vegetable broth – reduced sodium
  • 3 types of salt: Morton’s Lite Salt (iodized, and tastes like real salt to me), regular salt, Truffle sea salt (about the same sodium as regular salt but I use a lot less on food)
  • Dry pasta assortment: whole wheat spaghetti, farfalle & shells, fettucini, soba noodles
  • Whole grains assortment: Whole wheat cous cous – regular & Israeli, farro, barley, brown rice
  • Whole grain cereals: Kashi Go Lean Original, Bran flakes, Pumpkin flax granola, Rolled oats, Steel cut oats
  • Tomato Sauce (No Added Salt) and tomato paste
  • Various legumes (no added salt):  garbanzo, white, kidney, vegetarian refried beans
  • Teas & Coffee: Herbals – multiple, black teas, green teas, coffee
  • Sweeteners: honey, agave, blackstrap molasses, brown sugar, white sugar, sugar in the raw
  • Dark chocolate and dark chocolate coated espresso beans and pumpkin seeds
  • Mayo with olive oil – reduced fat
  • Mustard, relish, sweet pickles
  • Many Asian condiments/sauces, including both regular & reduced sodium soy sauce
  • NF greek yogurt – plain, fruit flavor – bulk and single serve containers
  • 2% LF Cottage Cheese
  • Unsalted butter
  • Land O Lakes light whipped butter with canola oil (½ kcal butter per serving)
  • Cheese: Reduced fat colby cheese sticks, Babybel regular rounds, extra sharp Cheddar, fontina, feta cheese crumbled, shredded part skim low moisture mozzarella
  • Whole grain spelt bread
  • 5 types of nuts/seeds or their butters: pistaschios in shell, honey roasted peanuts, plain walnuts, plain pumpkin seeds, natural peanut butter
  • Frozen veggies
What's this doing in her pantry?

What’s this doing in her pantry?


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