Walk Talk Nutrition: diet misconceptions

cortadoThe latest Walk Talk Nutrition episode was taped on location in a coffee shop, where Kathy and Donna discuss common diet misconceptions.  3 key areas of confusion:

  1. Magical macronutrients vs. plain old calorie control
  2. The belief that calorie math should always add up to predictable weight loss
  3. “Eating back” calories burned from exercise

The 2014 U.S. News and World list of Best Diets came out last week.  Most of the top diets are variations on the same theme:

  • emphasis on plant foods
  • healthy fats
  • portion control

Consumers looking for a magical fix to obesity might be disappointed.  No quick weight loss fad diets here; the rankings are based on nutrition quality, safety and disease prevention.  In fact, two of the biggest recent entries in the fad diet category, Paleo and Dukan, tied for last place.

Our conclusion?  We agree with that overall theme, but Kathy is not opposed to a modified Paleo-style diet of lean protein foods, vegetables and fresh fruit for people who have struggled to lose weight, with no success.  The main problem with modern Paleo or any other weight loss diet is this: you need a diet plan you can stick to for the rest of your life to keep the weight off.

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