Featured food: grapefruit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s grapefruit season.  It’s also diet season.  Happy coincidence!

This citrus fruit has everything going for it, nutritionally speaking:

  • low calorie: 1/2 of a grapefruit has about 50-60 calories, depending on size.
  • high water content: that means grapefruit is filling
  • low sugar: the astringent taste can stifle your sweet tooth
  • high fiber
  • high vitamin C
  • significant source of potassium
  • pink/red varieties are significant source of vitamin A

Think of a whole grapefruit as a sort of 100-calorie snack pack.  Instead of junky little cookies or crackers, with zero nutritional benefits, you get all those nutrients.  Plus the grapefruit is a lot more satisfying and filling than cookies.  You can easily eat 3-4 of those cookie snack packs, but 3-4 grapefruit?

The only caution on applies to people taking certain medications.  Bioactive compounds in grapefruit can interact with certain medications.  You can check with your doctor, pharmacist or the drug package insert for more information.  The types of drugs that interact with grapefruit range from statins to certain blood pressure medications to some psychiatric drugs and pain medications.

The easiest way to eat grapefruit is As-Is.  It even comes with it’s own handy bowl attached.  Or put peeled sections in a winter fruit salad with sliced apples, pears, oranges and dried cranberries.

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