Walk Talk Nutrition: low fat vs high fat diets

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Walk Talk Nutrition team takes on the low fat vs high fat diet controversy.  There are passionate advocates on both sides of the issue, and each side seems to have sub-sides, from the extremely low fat Ornish diet to the very high fat Atkins Diet.

Passionate devotion to a diet may float your boat, but we’re more interested in evidence.  And the evidence is that a higher fat Mediterranean style diet has significant health benefits, plus is easier to stick to.  Low fat is nice, but many people find it impossible to implement, or stick with indefinitely.  Plus you end up eating all kinds of tasteless processed low fat versions of higher fat foods.

There’s a major wrinkle in the low fat vs high fat argument: regardless of what you’re eating, if you’re losing weight, your cardiovascular risk factors will improve.  So if you are overweight, just cutting back on calories produces significant benefits.

You can find more details about the Predimed study, which compared a Mediterranean style diet to a low fat diet, here.

The Oldways nutrition education organization has plenty of resources for adopting a Mediterranean style diet.




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