Thanks for these 11 nutrition items

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver Thanksgiving week, I’ve been thinking about some nutrition-related themes and random stuff that I’m grateful for:

  1. The growing awareness and interest in meatless cuisine
  2. Quality omega-3 supplements
  3. The medical researchers who recognized that there was more to the vitamin D story than just preventing rickets (which are making a come back), despite the dismissive attitudes of certain health “experts”.
  4. A food supply that provides a wealth of fresh vegetables and fruit, year round
  5. Good bread
  6. Research that shows the health benefits of coffee
  7. My Radio Nutrition readers!
  8. The purveyors of fad diets — we’ll never lack for something to write and laugh about.
  9. Local eggs from free ranging chickens
  10. Greens, from kale to chard to arugula and beyond
  11. The wide and varied availability of good olive oil



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