Product review: siggi’s Icelandic style skyr

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASkyr: a cultured dairy product made in Iceland, strained to remove water.

In fact, skyr is pretty much yogurt with a different name.  It’s made by adding yogurt-style cultures to milk.

Siggi’s Icelandic style skyr is increasingly available in grocery stores in the yogurt section.  Siggi’s comes in the usual variety of fruit flavors, as well as squeezable tubes and bottles of yogurt-like drink.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo what makes Siggi’s stand out?

  • Zero fat: most of the products are non-fat, which cuts calories
  • Very little added sugar: this is not yogurt for people with sugar-distorted taste buds.  Siggi’s is tangy.  A 5.3 oz cup of vanilla has just 9 grams of sugar (some of it will be natural milk sugar).  By comparison, a 6 oz cup of Chobani vanilla yogurt has 16 grams of sugar.
  • No artificial sweeteners — good for them!
  • High protein, because it’s strained.  Removing some of the water concentrates the protein.
  • No gelatin, colorings, flavorings, or HFCS — again, good for them!
  • Significant source of calcium
  • Milk is from grass fed cows
  • Low calorie

Calories are lower because fat and sugar are lower.  A 5.3 oz container of Siggi’s non-fat yogurt is about 100 calories (some of the fruit flavors are slightly more), with 14 grams of protein.  You’d have to eat 2 eggs to get that much protein, which would be 160 calories.  Result: siggi’s is a great choice as a portion-controlled, high protein, low sugar, refreshing afternoon snack.  Or have it for breakfast, along with some fresh fruit or cereal.  Or use as a healthy dessert after a meatless meal.

The only note of caution is this: if you’re addicted to excessively sweet tastes, you may not appreciate siggi’s yogurt.  If you think siggi’s yogurt should be sweeter, you may need to wean yourself off sugary tastes.

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