Gummie vitamins: check the nutrient list before buying

gummiesChewable vitamins aren’t just for kids anymore.  The latest thing in vitamin supplements for adults is chewables.  And not the old crunchy tablet-style of chewables.  Now it’s all about gummies — vitamins in gum-drop form, with fruity flavors and bright colors.  It’s not a terrible idea, since lots of people dislike swallowing pills, and are perhaps more inclined to take vitamins if they’re more fun.


Adult Multiple gummie nutrients

The Nature Made line of supplements features plenty of vitamin and mineral supplement varieties.  The Adult Multi with iron is a decent formula for people who want a multiple vitamin with iron.  But surprise: the Adult Multi Gummie formula is missing all kinds of vitamins and minerals.  The regular tablet multiple has 23 nutrients.  The gummie has 11.  And even then, some of the doses are much lower than for the tablet variety.  Where is the vitamin B1?  B2?  And there’s no calcium, magnesium or iron.

The Adult Multi + Omega-3 gummie is equally disappointing: the amount of omega-3 fatty acids is inconsequentially small.

Why are the gummies missing so many nutrients?  One possible explanation: some of those nutrients would have affected the texture or flavor of the gummie, making them unpalatable.  Another brand name gummie multiple, aimed at children, is also completely lacking iron.  Kids need iron for growing, so a multiple for kids that has no iron is a strange idea.  Again, putting absorbable iron into a chewable gummie candy likely would affect flavor or some other characteristic of the product.

Take Away Message:

If you prefer chewable vitamins, check the nutrient list before buying.  Formulas that are missing half the known nutrients aren’t very helpful.

And keep these types of products out of reach of children.  They do taste like candy, and would be very tempting to a child.

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