Ak-Mak crackers: whole grain deliciousness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost people don’t think of crackers as a staple food or as a food to enjoy ‘as is’.  They’re a vehicle for cheese or dips or peanut butter.  And they’re vaguely junky.  Mostly made with white flour, loaded with salt and seasonings to keep your taste buds firing (and keep you eating more and more).  Triscuits went that route: there are like 50 kinds of Triscuits now (I exaggerate slightly); Triscuits have taken over the cracker aisle.  Honey mustard flavor?  Brown rice?  Crackers these days are not that different from chips.

Finding a decent simple cracker is hard work.  But somewhere on a floor level shelf in my grocery store, are the Ak-Mak crackers.  A delightfully simple whole grain cracker you can eat all by itself, top with cheese or hummus, or add to a simple meal of yogurt and fruit, or a tossed salad or soup.  Even better, they’re made with organic whole wheat flour.

Nutrition Facts about Ak-Mak:

  • 1 oz, or about 5 rectangles, is 110 calories
  • 6% calories as fat
  • no sugar
  • 4 grams of fiber
  • 5 grams of protein, not bad for a cracker
  • although not listed, potassium will be significant because of the whole grain flour
  • likewise other minerals like magnesium

And they taste great, although it you’re used to the overly salty flavor of conventional crackers, you might think they’re bland.  The mild flavor makes them ideal for use with toppings, since the cracker flavor won’t drown out the topping flavor.  Ak-Mak crackers keep well, like any other cracker, so they can be stashed at work for a quick afternoon snack (5 rectangles = 110 calories).  The main drawback for some people will be the cost.  Like any whole grain cracker, they’re not cheap.  And like any other cracker, you can eat too many.  They may be whole grain, but that doesn’t make them low calorie.  Portion accordingly.


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