About those Satisfries™

SatisfriesBurger King is looking out for calorie conscious customers.  As in looking for them, and the new lower calorie/lower fat Satisfries™ are one way to lure those customers in.  It’s a dieter’s dream: eat the foods you actually like without the calorie load.

So how many calories do you actually save?

The claim is that Satisfries™ have 30% fewer calories than regular, and 40% less fat than McDonald’s fries.  But compared to BK’s regular fries, the Satisfries are only 20% less calories and 20% less fat.  In other words, if you typically order a medium fries with your BK burger, you’ll save 70 calories.  Or, you could order a Large Satisfries™ and have the same calories the Medium regular fries.  If you just switched your fries order and saved 70 calories, and you eat at BK twice a week, you’ll save 140 calories a week.  After 25 weeks you might have lost 1 pound just by switching to Satisfries™.

Put another way, you’d have to be eating fries at BK 50 times a week in order to cut enough calories to lose a pound a week.  Unfortunately, that still means over 2400 calories a day just from the Satisfries™, so you probably won’t lose that pound after all, unless you’re a lumberjack or professional soccer player.

Conclusion: the best way to limit french fry calories is to avoid eating them, or eat small portions.  A “Value” portion of Satisfries™ still has almost 200 calories.  Better than the 400+ calorie Large size, but not a side dish you should be eating every day if you’re trying to manage your weight.

Cinnabon definitely not cutting calories

That Cinnabon is a massive success story says more about how serious Americans are about healthy eating than any consumer survey.  Action speaks louder than words.  When the chain did market research to explore making a “healthier” lower calorie version of the 880 calorie Cinnabon Classic, customers expressed horror.  Cinnabon has ditched plans to cut the calories, but you can always buy the smaller  Minibon, which has a mere 350 calories.  The same calories and grams of fat as a Medium Satisfries™.

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