5 refreshing low calorie drinks

herbal iced tea and seltzer with lime

What could be wrong with a cold drink on a hot day?  Calories.  You definitely don’t need to drink extra sugar calories if you’re watching your weight.  Sports drinks have calories, and drinking them does not make you into an athlete.  Artificially sweetened drinks just give you a sweet tooth.   If you’d rather not consume fake sweeteners, here are 5 refreshing low calorie drink ideas:

  1. Cucumber water: peel and slice a cucumber and put in a jug.  Add water, refrigerate and let it sit overnight.  Add some fresh mint or basil sprigs for extra zing.
  2. Lime wedge in seltzer water.
  3. Acqua Fresca: blend 1 cup fruit chunks with 1 cup ice cubes, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a teaspoon of sugar.  You might add more of less fruit or ice, depending on what fruit you use and what flavor you like.  Good fruits to use: watermelon, strawberries, honeydew melon, papaya, raspberries.  Create different flavors by mixing 2 or more fruits together.
  4. Iced herb tea: blend two or more different herbal tea flavors.  Make sun tea by putting the tea bags in a jug of water, or make the conventional way by pouring boiling water over the tea.  Tea choices: mint, fruity flavors, zinger-type flavors.  Try mint + blueberry or tangerine + peach.  For a relaxing evening blend, combine camomile with mint.
  5. Berry infused water.  Put 2-3 cups fresh or unsweetened frozen berries in a water pitcher and crush slightly.  Fill the pitcher with water and let sit in the refrigerator over night.  Filter the berries out of the water before serving.  Garnish with a strawberry slices if you like.

Mix 1 part iced herbal tea with 1 part berry infused water for another variation.

Added bonus with all of these: you’ll gradually lose your sweet tooth.


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