Featured Food: mixed nuts


If ever there was a nutrition superfood group, it’s nuts:

  • protein
  • fiber
  • minerals
  • vitamins
  • healthy fats
  • delicious
  • portable
  • plant food

When you mix a variety of nuts, you can slightly boost the nutritional value, because some nuts have more of one thing, and some more of another.  Plus you get taste variety, and you can leave out any nuts you don’t like or don’t tolerate.

You can buy ready-mixed nuts, usually salted.  Or you can make your own custom mixes.  That allows you to pick unsalted nuts.  If you want a little salt, mix salted varieties with unsalted, about half and half.

Mixed nuts make a fabulous snack food: you can take them to work, to school, on a trip, to the beach, on a hike or a bike ride or skiing.  To control calories and over eating (since they are delicious), portion 1/4 cup servings into little snack baggies.  That’s roughly 200 calories.  Works as an afternoon snack, or when your morning has been crazy busy, could even work for breakfast.

While nuts are very portable, they can deteriorate if they’re sitting out in heat for awhile.  Don’t store nuts in a hot car, or leave an opened container in your pantry for months.  Once you open the bag or can, keep them in the refrigerator.


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